Weird and Unusual but Definitely Adorable Cat Breeds – 12 Pictures

Every cat in this World has a specific uniqueness. Some of them are round and hairy while some of them don’t even have hair. If you ever saw a strange-looking cat and you didn’t know which cat breeds it was, we have prepared a list of those gorgeous creatures.

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Stylish and elegant American Curl

The first on our list is a breed called American curl. It is exclusively designed by Mother Nature and has unique ears that are curled back. Those ears, walnut-shaped eyes, and silky coat make their famous distinctive features, but the story about their discovery is more brilliant. It was June (1981) in California when Joe and Grace Ruga found this cutie. They noticed its specific look and decided to keep it. They gave the cat name Shulamith, and it was the first American Curl cat ever. Since that time, a worldwide debate has been growing about the genetics behind those strangely curled ears. Finally, scientists proved that this cat breed is completely healthy and that it was just a “product” of nature. We wrote about these cats seven years ago: American Curl – Cat With Curly Ears.

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Sphynx Cat

This not so fluffy cat was discovered in a country of ice and snow! Its origins come from Canada (Ontario) and it was recognized in the 1960s. These “naked” cats can also have different pigmentation of the skin and they are actually not completely hairless. They have a specific fine layer of fur and they are warmer than other cats. We have a story about them: Sweet and Unique Sphynx Cats.

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Lambkin cat

Here is one more gorgeous fuzzy cat. It got the name because of the appearance of a lamb’s fleece. It is wonderfully curled and its other name is Lambkin Dwarf because of its short legs. Maybe it has short legs but you probably didn’t know that this cat has bigger head than other cat breeds. This adorable breed started in 1991, when Terri Harris, who was an American breeder, experimentally paired a Selkirk Rex and a Munchkin cat.

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The cat of peculiarly shaped ears is coming to melt your heart! Its large oval eyes and silky coat make this gentle giant a perfect cat for active persons. In 1993 it was decided to breed a cat with “big feline” look and it was the result of a cross between the Desert Lynx and Jungle Curl. So, if you have tons of energy and if you think you will understand its natural hunting instinct, you better be prepared for endless games.

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While for some people this breed looks a bit creepy, for others it is one of the most beautiful cat breeds ever. It is truly an original kitty with a perfect mix of Munchkin size and the Sphynx hairlessness. It was created in Boston in 1998 by Paul McSorley and soon became one of the most unique cats in the World.

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Exotic Shorthair Cat

Incredibly fluffy Exotic Shorthair cat with round shaped eyes has the most worried look among all other cat breeds. It somehow looks like a Persian cat, but with one crucial difference. Unlike Persian, Exotic Shorthair is super friendly. Their breed began to take root in 1950’s when an American breeder decided to pair a Persian and a brown Burmese and later on, pair that mix with the American Shorthair.

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Donskoy cat

If you like a cat who acts like a dog, and you don’t like hair all around the house, meet the Donskoy Cat! This strange-looking, muscular cat with wrinkled skin gained the spotlight in 1987 when Elena Kovaleva from Russia found this tiny kitty in the box. She got scared when she saw that this kitty actually didn’t have any hair, so she tried giving it medicines and vitamins for coat growing. Soon, the kitty named Varvara became completely hairless and that’s how Elena found out it was actually a new cat breed.

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Selkirk Rex

Did you know that this is the only cat breed named after a person? Well, this weird cutie was found in the late 80’s when it was born through a natural genetic mutation. Later, it was crossed with a Persian cat and got the name “cat in sheep’s cloth”.

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Ukrainian Levkoy

Don’t be afraid of this mystical creature because it gets on well with people! Because of its long and angular head, it is often called a “dog-like” cat. It is extremely child-friendly and perfect pet for people who have problems with allergies. Similar to Donskoy Cat, it is often mistaken for it, but actually, it is not the same cat breed.

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Khao Manee

This pure white coat will leave you breathless and its diamond shining eyes also! Their oddness with two different eye colors makes them actually unique and one the most beautiful cats you will ever see. Khao Manee cats come from Thailand and their name means “White Gem” in Thai. Until 1999 Khao Manee had been bred only in Thailand (for almost 650 years), and thanks to Freymouth, this breed came to North America!

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Fishing cat

Unlike most cats, this cat likes to be in water like its name suggests. They use their marvelous tail for steering their way through the water. This unusual breed was discovered in 1833. It is not recommended to keep this cat as a pet because it likes to be solitary and it will not get on well with other pets in your house. However, this exclusive cat surely deserves to be on our list.

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    Despite the American Bobtail cat’s similarities to wild bobcats, these felines are domesticated and make wonderful pets. But the unique breed can be difficult to find. The American Bobtail has been in North America since the 19, but they didn’t gain popularity until the 20. The original Bobtail was a cat found at a motel in Arizona and experts believe he was abandoned there. The cat was believed to be a cross between a bobcat and a domestic house cat due to his feral appearance and distinct bobtail. This furry friend will surely wow your house guests.


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