How Cats Show Affection – 12 Pictures + 1 Video

Cats are irresistibly sweet but sometimes their behavior irritates us completely. However, it turns out that their sometimes annoying behavior is one way of showing us their genuine affection. Here are the ten ways in which your cat says: “I love you!”.

1. Biting

You are resting on the couch with your cat. You start to pet it and it suddenly attacks your hand. Does this ever happen to you? Don’t worry. Snacking or “biting out of love” is just another a bit strange way of your cat showing affection. It only wants to play in an “animal style”.

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2. Licking

Cats sometimes mutually “wash themselves”, and they can only do that with those cats they adore. By licking themselves cats remove all dirt from their fluffy body, so there isn’t a need for an extra bathing. Unlike dogs, they are much cleaner animals, so if you better think about the fact why they don’t like water – here is the answer. When the cat licks its “favorite human being” it leaves a scent and marks you as a part of the family. This is a sign that you are seen as a friend and that being close to you makes it feel safe.

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3. Meowing

Meowing can sometimes be very sweet, but sometimes cat’s vocalization can develop into an irritating one. The fact is that they do not want us to freak out but only to talk to us. Cats do not communicate with each other by meowing, but only with people. When the cat feels there is a danger in the air, it can also meow very loud and that’s its way of notifying.

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4. Paw massage

When a cat is stomping certain parts of your body as if it “kneads” you it thereby expresses its deepest sympathy and love. This behavior is actually instinctive from the earliest period when kittens’ paws stimulate the secretion of milk of their mother. Adult cats continue with such behavior when they feel most relaxed, happy and loved.

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5. Staring at you

Do you sometimes have the feeling that someone is watching you? You turn around and see your cat staring at you with eyes wide open. It blinks once slowly and keeps watching you. Although it may seem daunting, in fact, you have a rare privilege. Cats make eye contact only with people they trust. And when the cat blinks, it is, in fact, sending you a kiss. Blink her back in return!

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6. Breaking into your bedroom

The cat does not understand the concept of privacy. Blinded by love, many cats cannot stand the thought of sleeping separately from their owners. That happens because every cat needs to feel secure, so it chooses only trusted places. So, if you were thinking that it will get on well with some new person in your life, you are wrong! The cat will never “give” you so easily to the other!

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7. Showing its behind to you

Though it’s not very pleasant to look at your cat’s behind when you are doing something, in fact, this kind of behavior is another way they show affection and trust. The cat will not let anyone be behind its back because the cat is a very cautious creature.

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8. Lying on your computer

Just when you are writing an important email your cat suddenly jumps on the table and decides to walk on the keyboard. Also, the cat often decides that the computer is the ideal place for an afternoon nap. Do you know why it chooses exactly that place? That happens because the cat loves the place where you spend a lot of time. It loves your smell and has become aware of “that thing” that has stolen your free time that you needed to spend together. Cats love to be the center of attention, so this is just another way of telling you: “Hey, look at me! I’m important!”

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9. Spying on you under the bathroom door

The bathroom is the only place you actually have privacy… Unless you are the proud owner of a cat, and then you have surely noticed paws under the door searching for you. This behavior is completely natural expression of love… or it was thinking you just wanted to play “seek and hide”!

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10. Scratching the furniture

It irritates us completely when a cat is looking straight into our eyes while it claws the couch, but it really is a natural behavior by which a cat shows affection. It also leaves a visual trace of their “ownership” and scent on your favorite chair. You need to know that the areas that are most important to the owner are also most important for the cat.

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11. Purring

How can we omit the lovely purring? Sometimes, cuddling with your cat can really have a healing effect, are we right? Cats’ purring means two different things. In the first case, your cat can express concern with purring, and in the other case when it purrs in your presence can mean only the expression of her/his love for you.

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12. Rolling

Remember when your kitty laid down at your carpet and started to roll left and right? Or, when you have just arrived home tired and have waited to sit on your sofa for almost the whole day when it suddenly decided to roll around your feet? Presenting her tummy and fast moving of her cute little paws in this situation are inevitable.

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13. Gifting

You haven’t seen your cat in your house for more than an hour?! You shouldn’t be worried because it’s probably preparing a gift for you. Cats are hunters and it has probably found some interesting bug that will give you as a trophy. In that case, do not forget to reward it and you should be pleased if it brought you only a bug or a toy and not something else.

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