One of the Most Beautiful Cases of Chimera in Animal World – 17 Pictures

While Chimera virus is usually overlooked since it can cause no significant impact on the animal appearance, this time it made all the difference. This gorgeous cat named Venus got her popularity on the internet due to her mysterious-looking “two-faced” appearance. While she can look like a villain from a comic book, she’s really an adorable and tame house cat that gets along with every piece of furniture, according to her owner.

What do you like better: green-eyed or brown-eyed kitties? If you love cats, you’ll love this sweet kitty Venus for sure, because her two different faces – black and brown, and different eyes – blue and green, are interesting even for cat haters! Just look how cuddly she is, how she poses for photos like a professional model, how beautiful, smart and bright her eyes are…And why is she so interesting?

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