Bernedoodle? What are these new dogs?

The Bernedoodle is also known as Bernese Mountain Poo. It is developed from the mix of a Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog. This breed gives you the best for both its parents. This means that these close relatives with labradoodles possess the best qualities from both its Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog parents. They are bred to be loving and perfect companions for families with children and active owners.

The Bernedoodle
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Through and through, this breed of dog inherits the happy-go-lucky, goofy, and charming temperament from its Bernese Mountain Dog parent, and from its Poodle parent, its intelligence. This dog breed is willing to volunteers in cuddle fests and playtime. They are most happy when they are spending time with families, including children.

The Bernedoodle has not been around for so long. This means that it may be tough to predict individual dogs accurately. Sometimes, they get more Bernese traits. At other times, they get more of their Poodle’s parent traits. May fans of the Bernedoodle adore their affection, playfulness, friendliness, and intelligence. They are also more hypoallergenic compared to other dogs. This is a huge blessing for people susceptible to allergy.

The Bernedoodle can have varying appearances. They can have wavy, curly, or straight coats which can have varying colors. They go with the flow and are relatively adaptable.

If you are a single owner or desire a dog for the entire family that is smart, lovable, with good health that will make you happy with their antics, the Bernedoodle would be the best option for you. For more information about Bernedoodles, feel free to visit We Love Doodles.

Highlights on Bernedoodles

1. The Bernedoodle may show stubbornness as puppies. They usually drop this character as they get older. The intelligence they possess makes them highly trainable.

2. The Bernedoodles are tend to have fewer health issues than the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle. That’s because they are mixed breeds.

3. This breed of dog usually shed very little and are mostly hypoallergenic.

4. Even though they are excellent with other dogs and children, it is recommended to incorporate early socialization. This will help a great deal in keeping them comfortable and calm in new situations.

5. This breed of dog was not bred just to look good or perform excellently. They were bred in 2003 to develop an excellent companion dog.

6. They have varying appearances. This depends on the traits gotten from each of their parents.

7. They are equally happy cuddling up as they are playing outside with their favorite human beings.

8. This breed of dog is best suited to an environment where they are not lonely for too long. They crave attention.

Bernedoodle Sizes

The Bernedoodle come sizes: standard, miniature, and tiny. These sizes come from the Poodle parent, which can be standard, mini, or toy. The Tiny Bernedoodle weighs between ten to twenty-four pounds (4.5 – 11 kg) and has heights of between twelve to seventeen inches (30 – 43 cm). The Mini Bernedoodle weighs between twenty-five to forty-nine pounds (11 – 22 kg) and stands at eighteen to twenty-two inches (46 – 56 cm) tall. While the Standard Bernedoodle weighs between seventy to ninety pounds (32 – 41 kg) and stands at twenty-three to twenty-nine inches (58 – 74 cm) tall.

For the Bernedoodles, males are usually larger than their female counterparts.

Bernedoodle Health

This breed of dog tends to be healthier dogs compared to both their parents. The health information of the Bernedoodle is limited because they have not been around for long. However, cross-breeding that resulted in creating this breed of a dog reduces the risk of genetically inherited conditions and diseases. The possibilities of cancers in this breed of dog are meagre compared to those of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

However, there are certain conditions that may be predisposed to the Bernedoodles. These include elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, skin conditions like hot spots, and eyes issues. Although all breeds are susceptible to be affected by any number of concerns, the Bernedoodle is naturally a very healthy breed.

The Bernedoodle Care

Standard Bernedoodle is more suited to play and run around in a nice yard, while the Miniature and Tiny Bernedoodles do better in apartment life. They generally do not require plenty of personal space. So long their fair need for mental and physical stimulation are met, they should not be very destructive.

Because these dogs enjoy being around their favorite humans, the more time they spend with family or single owner, the better. Early exposure and socialization with humans and other dogs is an excellent idea. This will also help to stay well-behaved when meeting other pets and new people.

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