Eastern Screech Owls – The Peculiar Sounds

Eastern screech owls seem to rule boldly in their world all thanks to the peculiar sounds they fill the atmosphere with at night. At night other singing birds have quietened down. On the other hand, the stealthy owls take delights in giving away peculiar sounds and calls. Seems like they are asking a question or making a statement.

Eastern Screech Owl
Eastern Screech Owl, source: https://unsplash.com/photos/9MYhfMFXG64

Though they sound eerie and dispensing spooky feelings into the air, what you never knew is that different owls make different sounds. Particularly the eastern screech owls do not just screech as anyone would think, they also tell something with every hoot that escapes their beaks. But, when you meet them, you realize they’re not scary at all.

So, in this piece, you will be discovering the peculiar sounds the eastern screech owls are known to make and how they differ from other owls. So, next time you are cold-scarred at a hoot in the night, peep out through the window and call the owl by name. Tell it you knew it wasn’t an eastern screech from the sound it made but a barred owl or some other.

Know some of the sounds and calls of the eastern screech owl

Eastern Screech Owl
Eastern Screech Owl, source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-view-of-an-owl-3622695/

1. An owl with the biggest and loudest hoot ever heard in the darkest night

Ever lost in the forest or woods at night? The dark calmness might not be all the reason for your fright but some loud hoot, coming behind a tree. The loudness of its hoot might make you think of it as a big bird. However, unlike the barred owl or the great horned owl, the eastern screech owls in Georgia seem glad in its petite frame. About the size of a robin, takes pride at the much it hoots. Giving out whinnies and trills into the calm night; with about 35 notes of an A-Song in some seconds by the male eastern screech owl and a whiny B-song for the descending hoot.

Similarly, the yellow-eyed great horned owl has enjoyed the fame of being the scariest owl to look at and one with an imposing figure too. While their “hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo” chain of sonorous hoots may unset the calmness of the night, it is nothing compared to the screeching and piercing hoots sung by the eastern screech owls. You will like to know that the great horned owl’s night hunting skills are topnotch as compared to other owls. This according to the owl, pages are mostly seen preying at skunks, snakes, mice, and other vulnerable creatures. On the other hand, the eastern screech owl enjoys the fun of its lifetime, sending frights into the still night.

2. They sing the bouncing song

Having a concert all night isn’t a chore for the owls except for the barn owl. It has no desire for the night show. But it would interrupt the night with long piercing and loud hoots occasionally till the dawn appears. Its all-time preoccupation is hunting rodents and other tiny creatures at night, perking at trees, barns, and other quiet locations. On the other hand, the eastern screech owl gives out the “bounce song” melody. This song usually rendered by both male and female eastern screech-owls, taking the low and high pitch as they wish. Sometimes, it is delivered by families in unison, or an owl couple hoots this melody together, singing for about 3-5 seconds long. So, when next you hear some melodious loud hooting sung in unison, know that some owl mates are telling each other how much they love each other.

3. They also make calls to other owls

While the barred owl seems to be asking anyone or owl it sees “who cooked for you?” and other warbling hooting sounds, the eastern screech owl gives loud and distinct barking calls, similar to alarm sounds. The hoots they give cannot fail to give one shiver even when it is heard from afar.

And like other owls, both male and female eastern screech-owls make these loud hoots one after the one, giving a screeching melodious rhythm all night. Sometimes they give these screeching calls at other owls or you can say they send a response hoot when other owls hoot too.

4. Eastern screech owls do clap too

They may be revered as the king of the night because of the boldness of their hoot. But, have imagined how loud and troubled their hoot would sound if they were captured? These birds are certainly not the best to be heard even by the bravest hunter when captured.

Barn owls let out their harsh screeching hoots in the cage of their captors. On the other hand, hoots that are shrieking and frightful, their eastern screech counterpart bears no time in filling the air with its clicking sound. As well as giving off screeching hoots and annoyed hisses while snapping their bill mandibles simultaneously determined to regain their freedom.

So, what can you say now? Do all owls still sound alike to you? Sure they won’t anymore. And you can always find out more about other birds, get familiar with their sounds, and be a bird lover right on this page.

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