They’re Not Scary at All! – 11 Pictures + 1 Video

When I was I kid I was afraid of owls. I heard a lot of scary stories and myths about them and since I was a kid, I believed those stories. I even dreamt about them a few times, their big, wide-open eyes looking at me like they are about to do something evil. Then, I grew up and realized that owls are not that scary at all, but are so cute and have some amazing abilities.

Ever wanted to have eyes on your back? Well, owls kind of do

They don’t really have eyes on their back, but since they can rotate their heads 135 degrees in both directions, or 270 degrees in total, so they can see almost anything that’s not in front of them. It is not true that owls can rotate their heads 360 degrees, that is just another myth among many others about these interesting and adorable birds

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