A Dog’s Tail Is Always Trying to Tell You Something, but Do You Know What? – 10 Pictures

Every pet owner sometimes wishes he could talk to his pet. I have often imagined what my cat might tell me in certain situations, but I soon realized that the most affectionate words I could get would probably be: ”Well, I guess you’re not the worst human I could have”, so I’m not thinking about that anymore. Anyway, it is a bit different with dogs and talking with them might not be such a depressing idea, but until they learn to speak, their tail can tell you a lot about dog’s current emotions. That can be very useful and can help you communicate with your dog and you will have a much more satisfied and happier pup.

Be quiet you silly human, don’t you see I’m observing something

When your dog’s tail is not stiff and yet it stands almost completely horizontal while pointing away from his body, it means that he is focused on his environment. That’s probably the pose I would strike, if I had a tail, while trying to remember which way to go to the nearest candy shop.

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