Amazing Wildlife in Neon Colors – 10 Pictures

Have you ever seen creatures with a strange mix of colors? There are many unique and awesome looking critters in this world and we have prepared a list of just some of them. From changing the gender, colors and rare singing to many other interesting facts, we hope you’re going to enjoy reading this.

Blue parrotfish

This remarkable fish has the power to change its colors and to switch from a male to female. The phenomenon called pajamas, that these fish have, is a possibility that allows them to envelop themselves in a transparent cocoon made of mucous, hidden from an organ on their head. The cocoon hides their scents and defends them from nocturnal predators. So, it not only that they are breathtaking, they also have some superpowers like these. 

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Pink Katydid

Famous evening singers belong to the family of Grasshopper. The males have song-producing organs that are located on their front wings. Females respond to their noisy singing, which supposedly sounds like “Katy did, Katy did not,” hence the name. The song serves a function in courtship, and they do that only in summer.

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Black Rooster

This handsome fellow with black plumage will blow your mind! Not only that he is black from the outside, he’s black on the inside, too. His meat and bones are also black colored. This breed is called Ayam Cemani and his origin is from Java in Sumatra and from Madura Island in Indonesia. There are many kinds of black roosters and chicken but this one is the “blackest”. The only part of the Ayam Cemani that is not black is his blood, and it is a little bit darker than normal.

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Halloween Moon crab

The biggest fighter of all crabs is the Halloween Moon crab! They like sleeping during the day and their nightlife starts when the Sun goes down! They come from Costa Rica and live between 10-12 years. Magnificent colors make them so unique among the rest of the crab world

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Amazon River pink river-dolphins

If you ever thought that dolphins live only in the sea, you are wrong. There are five river-dolphin species and the pink dolphin is one of them. It got the name from the color that it gets when it gets old. When they are young, all dolphins have the shiny silver-grey color of their “skin” and later it gets pink. It lives in the Amazon River and it is smaller than sea dolphins. Not only they are special by their skin color but they are also the smartest of all dolphins. Their brain capacity is 40% (even bigger than humans’ – we use only 10%).

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Nicobar pigeon

Here is the closest living relative to the Dodo. It is found in northwest Australia and it has the “gorgeousness” colors among all other pigeons. Its rainbow colored wings make them so unique and breathtaking!

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Lilac-breasted roller

This national bird of Kenya can be found in Africa and in Arabian Peninsula. They can’t be seen in human-influenced areas that explain why it is so hard to find them in urban or rural areas. A brilliant mix of blue colors gives them the place on our list. 

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Pink-Orchid Mantis

Don’t be fooled by this Orchid looking Mantis, because it is not so harmless! Orchid looking legs give them the possibility of camouflaging. Pretending to be a flower, Pink-Orchid Mantis catches and eats other insects like bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. 

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Red slug

Not only it has a triangle shape, but it also has a garish red colored body. It has a hole on its head and it serves for breathing. They are found in forests of Australia and like being awake at night.

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Rosy Maple Moth

This strange sweetie can be seen in North Canada, especially in Ontario and as their name says, they feed almost exclusively on maple trees. They are covered with dense fuzz which helps them to pollinate flowers better and their females have a special scent that helps them to attract males.

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