This Story of a Blind, Snuggly Woodchuck Will Brighten Your Day – 10 Pictures

Life can write the most amazing stories and we have often heard heart-breaking and beautiful stories of rescued animals that live their lives to the fullest again after a period of recovery. In some cases, a life-threatening injury can end up turning your life for the better, or at least help you find love and friendship you never had before. And as it is often the case, all that it takes for a person to have a happy life is someone to stand by them. This is the case with the protagonist of our story, a woodchuck called Coco (more info: Instagram, source: thedodo and Bored Panda), who was rescued from a certain death and now enjoys the love and support of a great family, which she well deserved.

Between life and death

Our story begins at what could have been an end for Coco, since she was found in a very critical condition, lying in the middle of one family’s garden. She was severely injured and she couldn’t even move at the time. Since she didn’t move from that particular spot for three days, the family thought that she was dead and tried to shovel her out of their garden. At that moment, it became clear to them that Coco was actually still alive.

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