After Being Rescued, Brinks, the Ex-Stray Pit Bull Smiles All the Time! – 11 Pictures

Brinks used to be a stray dog, living on the streets of Brooklyn. However, he bumped into a human and his dog (Demo) one day, and it was instant love between the three! The human’s name is Jon, and he tried for months to find Brink’s owners, but had no luck (or maybe we can say, actually he was lucky that he could not find Brinks in the missing dog reports). At the end, Jon realized that the poor Pit Bull was all alone in the world, and that he is going to become a new member of the family. When Jon took Brinks in, he was only 11 months old, but now, after 12 years, you can see in the pictures that he is one happy dog, and that he always keeps a smile on his face! He even has his own Instagram account, and we are not surprised at all that he has more than 21,000 followers! It seems that this smiling Pit Bull has won the hearts of many people, and how could he not, just take a look at those cute smiles!

1. “Scary Dog!”

If you thought Pit Bulls were a dangerous breed, just take a look at that adorable smile and you will change your opinion.

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