How Brave Must You Be to Come Close to These Horned Animals? – 12 Pictures

Some animals on this list are very big and strong. Others are lean and very, very fast. This all helps them to stay safe from predators since many face them in great numbers. But all the traits of these fantastic animals are nothing in comparison to their beautiful and fear-inducing horns.

Blackbuck – the Indian antelope

This antelope is endemic to India and has a fantastic set of horns. Although usually only males develop horns, some females also have them, but they don’t grow as much. Males can grow horns as big as 30 inches. This antelope is active during the day, but during hotter summer days they slow down their activity around noon. They prefer grasslands close to water, but can be also found in some deserts and mountains. They are also one of the fastest animals around since they can run at 50 miles per hour.

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