When the Klepto-cat Strikes

Being greeted by a fluffy animal toy early in the morning is something that would put a smile on any girl's face. It also happened to Daisy Ayliffe who started finding toys in front of her bedroom every morning.

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when the kleptocat strikes 1

First, as every woman would think, she guessed it's a token of appreciation from her partner Ben Wicks, but it later turned out to be a gift from her cat, Zaza.

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This cat burglar would sneak out at night and raid neighboring houses for “trinkets”, usually in form of soft toy. Those toys would then end up in front of her owner's bedroom.

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when the kleptocat strikes 5

This Klepto-cat was guilty of 17 toy thefts in just one month! After they realized that, they had to build a wall around their yard to prevent crime-spree like this from happening again. We all know cats, so I guess it's just a matter of time before Zaza finds another way in and out.

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