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If you like to have a cat at home, you usually have some information about the breeds and know many necessary details about them. Even if you have lot of information on cat breeds, you may perhaps find American curl, cats with curly ears, something new to your knowledge. Add to your list a new breed that is becoming the favorite pet for many.

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American Curl

Its unique personality appeals many cat lovers. The beautiful ears and sweet temperament of American curl cats are winning the heart of even those who do not want to have cats in their homes. American curl cats are recognizable with the backward-curling ears that are a more distinct part of their appearance. Their eyes are in walnut shape and large.

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American Curl

Many find the luxuriously plumed tail of American curl cats as one of the most distinctive features. You cannot differentiate the newly born if you try to note the curl in ears, since they born with straight ears and take the distinct shape at later age. The body of this cat has a silky coat, medium size and rectangular.

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American Curl

American curls do not need much grooming and they do not shed much hair. This helps many who like to have cats but avoid them due to excessive shedding. Compared with others, this is a slow growing breed, needs about 2 to 3 years to grow fully. An adult female weighs around 5 to 8 pounds, and a male around 7 to 10.

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American Curl

The colors and patterns are many, including bicolor, Siamese-style, shaded, tortoiseshell, solid, calico, etc. You can find them both with short and long fur. American curls are playful, friendly and inquisitive cats. They go well with children, seniors, other pets and strangers.

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American Curl

Due to their qualities and due to their well adaptiveness to any household variety, American curls have become the favorite cat for many people.

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American Curl

However, they need lot of attention and need company. If you plan to buy, buying two can keep the cats happy.

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American Curl

They do not meow much, and their talk usually is limited to cooing or trilling sounds. With little knowledge about them, you can certainly enjoy with this beautiful cat.

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American Curl

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