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What is A Bengal cat? They are A foreign breed that look like A wild cat, it is their coloring that makes them stand out from other breeds. They always have short hair and their coat is spotted or marbled, their rosettes should be clear and defined.

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Bengals look very sleek and have the look of gold glitter to their fur that makes it appear shiny like satin. The ears of A Bengal are not not pointed in fact they have rounded tips and are small to medium in size. Top quality Bengals also have a full chin straps that should connect and touch. You can see the sheer strength and power of A Bengal by looking at them, their body is muscular and the hind legs are longer than the front legs. They are typically a medium to large breed with females weighing up to 12 lbs (5.5 kg) and the male weighing up to 22 lbs (10 kg). The overall impression of a Bengal Cat is nothing short from miraculous. They not only have the beautiful and exotic look from their ancestors, the Asian Leopard but they also sound different from any other cat and they are extremely intelligent. You can teach them commands and even walk them on a leash Bengals are very boisterous though, they are not a typical “lazy” Cat. They are very playful and need stimulation or they could become mischievous. It takes a certain owner to properly care for these Cats.

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Domesticated Bengals meant to be pets are at least four generations (F4) removed from their ancestor Leopard Cat. F1 is the most exotic and closest to the Leopard Cat. An F1 can be very wild and exotic and may not be the right cat for the average person to own. They are a lot more work to take care of and have a lot of characteristics of the Asian Leopard. Most common for pets and Breeders are F4's and F5's. They have a wild look similar to the Asian Leopard but don't have the wild instincts of the Asian Leopard, making it the perfect pet for a individual or a family. Do your research before purchasing a Bengal, and understand the different types and features for your Bengal Cat. Talk to an experienced Breeder and make sure the cat would be perfect for you. Overall a Bengal is a great Cat to own and has a very exotic look.

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