Amazing Life under the Sea – 10 Pictures

So, we (the humans) have evolved so much that our technology allows us to explore other planets. But, what about our own planet? Have we discovered all there is to know about the Earth, or are there still some mysteries left to be solved? Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, a nonprofit oceanographic research center begs to differ. To find out more about their research or the organization itself you can visit their website. During their countless researches they have discovered beings so amazing in their existence that makes it hard to believe that they are from this planet. Each ecosystem has its own uniqueness and is filled with such beauty that can leave everyone amazed. And so do our ocean floors. They are filled with life not so different from ours in a sense of survival. Creatures that are evolving, constantly changing in order to survive. And in doing so, they've become some of the most amazing natural beauties, worth taking a couple of minutes to praise them in all their glory.

1. Anglerfish

These creatures occur worldwide. Although not all of them live deep under water, the ones that do, are assumed to use their light as a lure eighter to a pray or to a partner. 

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2. Barreleye

Barreleye fish got its name for the shape of their eyes. It has developed ability to look both in front of itself as well as upwards by rotating its eyes that are embedded into the transparent part of its body. Check out this amazing YouTube video about them.

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3. Jellyfish

While those that live near the surface are colorless and some almost transparent, the ones that live in deeper levels of oceans are bioluminescent.

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4. Frilled Shark

This creature is also referred to as a living fossil, because it looks like creatures inhabiting the ocean during the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

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5. Giant Spider Crab

This particular inhabitant of the depths can grow up to almost 4 meters, making it the largest arthropod on Earth.

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6. Giant Tube Worms

One of the most amazing creatures are giant tube worms. Not only that they survive without any sunlight, under the enormous pressure some 2.5 kilometers deep under the water, but they also make their home on hydro-thermal vents, which emit water that contains toxic chemicals.

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7. Vampire Squid

This creature is know for its ability to live in zones with almost no oxygen saturation, which makes it the only cephalopod able to do so. 

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8. Pacific Viperfish

This is a type of predatory fish. It has teeth so big that it can't close its mouth. They live in the depth between 200-5000 meters.

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9. Wolffish

Wolffish can be found in the depths around 600 meters. Having strong teeth makes their food consist of hard-shelled creatures.

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10. Pelican Eel

This creature lives in the depths between 500-3000 meters. Despite the large mouth, pelican eel has small teeth, so it can't consume a much bigger pray. It is believed that large mouth allows it to eat a bigger number of small scaled pray. 

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