Sweet and Unique Sphynx Cats Like to Play – 14 Pictures + 3 Videos

If you can imagine a cute cat taking off her fur before going to bed, probably you are very close to imagine Sphynx cat​, unique and interesting cat that was raised first in Toronto, Canada.

Special Look Attracts Attention

At the first sight you will notice two big open ears and a bit scared eyes looking at you confused. You might be surprised if you meet this cat and have the impression it sneaks slowly. But, that is only the first contact.

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The Cute Kitty Likes to Explore

Very soon you will find out these strange-looking cats are very curious. At the moment you meet one of them for a first time, she will look at you like she has a thousand questions.

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Kitty Without Hair? I Don't Believe It!

Try to come closer and take the kitten in your hands – you will see Sphynx is a hairless cat. It looks exactly like a naked baby. Some people say these cats are ugly, but don't you think this is so sweet?

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Little Kitty Enjoys Playing

It is up to you to find a way how to play with small kittens, but a piece of string is always a good choice to get some attention. Your game can last for hours, as they will never get enough of your time.

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Tiny Niggler in the Action

The more kitties you put together – the more fun they will bring. Their endless buffoonery can cheer you up even when they do things which in a different situation can irritate you.

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Attention Please

Even from the first days of their birth, these cute Kittens like to have the attention. But, they are also willing to return it, so play with them all the time.

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Play Around and Give Them a Bath

Since the time they are very young, you should teach them how to have a great time during a bath. Remember, do this at least once a week, as their skin is sensitive and needs a lot of attention. Bath is only a first step, but can be a very fun experience.

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Are They Really Hairless?

They are hairless enough so you can see the creases on their skin and feel how soft and smooth is on the touch. But don't be too sure they are completely bald. When you look closely you will see some hair on their tail, around the ears or nose.

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This Cuddling Pet Will Amaze You

Since very early time Sphynx cats are friendly to people and they worship if there is someone to cuddle them. However, sometimes they are rubbing of man because it feels good, and sometimes they do it to keep warm.

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Mama Is Always a Good Friend

When the litter has more cubs, a real party follows. Kitties are playing each other, but they certainly do not give less attention to their mother, just because mom is the most important in the world.

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Finish the Game and Sleep a Bit

Even the Sphynx Cats sometimes get tired and wish they fell into a sweet dream. They like to sleep together because it is nicer to feel warm and close to each other.

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Keeping a Grown Cat

Do not think that adult cats will be peaceful and quiet. That is really impossible with Sphynx as pets. Even when they are not more kitties, feel free to provoke them because they really love to play.

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Playing With a Dog

Those who have more pets in the house can be fully convinced that these cats will be great friends with all of them. Even older cats enjoy socializing with members of different species and will do their best to have fun.

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Make Them a Nice Place for Sleep

Heat is essential for Sphynx cats and never let them get cold. Make sure to have a suitable temperature in the house and make a special place for your pet, it has to be sunny and warm. Your cat will love you even more.

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Hot Clothes Can Be a Solution

Sometimes, it is really sweet to put some clothes on your pet. If your cat feels comfortable in a warm sweater, afford her one for cold days. However, if you see that cat is confused and feels bad, do not force this too much. Some cats are like people, even enjoying the smell of flowers.

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Love Is in the Air

Playing can go in different directions. It is nice to watch them mating sometimes, or at least look over the romance between big boy and a smaller female. Even cats feel love in the air when their time comes.

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Don't Make Them Angry

Although the Sphynx cats are extremely friendly and energetic pets who love to play, even they can sometimes get angry. Take care not to overdo it when you challenge them, sometimes they can show their teeth and claim their own rights.

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