Beautiful Siberian Cats Coco Chanel and Oscar the Great – 12 Pictures + 1 Video

1. Mademoiselle Coco Chanel

Imagine the Parisian walkways, where everything is full of life, with the sounds of accordion and light rhythm of French chanson, and a romantic evening in the art quarter where I – Coco Chanel – am the star. I'm not The One who smelled of beautiful Chanel N°5 and enjoyed the creativity of fashion, but the other, also unique Coco Chanel. The Coco Chanel and I have something in common, and that's (except the name) top elegancy; always there and always ecstatic. In short, I'm Coco Chanel, the real lady among the cats and the master of entertainment among the artists. Elegantly steady, well educated, fun, and always friendly.

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