We Love Them but They Can Be Really Spooky – 14 Pictures + 1 Gif

I am a cat owner, which means that I occasionally have to deal with inexplicable “evil” deeds of my cat that sometimes make me think that my cat is possessed. Of course, that is all just a result of playful spirit that cats have, mixed with their predatory nature and ability to sneak up on you without making a sound. I mean really, he often appears out of nowhere! However, in addition to their kind-of-evil behavior, some cats look like demons if they are caught in the right moment and cats on our list have all been photographed at the purrfect time.

Come closer, if you dare

In the daytime, this might look like a photo of the cutest little furry gang. However, during the night, this gang looks downright scary and I for one wouldn’t mess with them. Just imagine having to fight dozens of cats. You lose for sure!

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we love them but they can be really spooky u radu 1Pin

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