You Think Politicians Can’t Be Sweet and Lovable? Think Again! – 9 Pictures + Video

We all know that (most) politicians today are manipulative and shady, that they only care about their own ambitions and their party’s well-being and not about the people they should represent. At least, that’s how I feel about politicians. However, there are some of them who really have the best intentions and don’t really care about stuff like power or money. Meet some of the most famous animal politicians and pledge your allegiance to them now!


Welcome to Alaska, and one tiny town called Talkeetna where for 20 years one very sweet cat served as an honorary mayor. Unfortunately, after long and successful political career and very fulfilled life, Stubbs passed away this summer. However, the memory of his achievements will always live as a part of Talkeetna's history, even though Stubbs wasn’t immune to the lavish lifestyle that his position allowed him to lead. For example, it is well known that this orange Manx loved drinking water, with catnip, out of a wine glass, but that small eccentricity never took away any love from him since he was a great mayor according to all the citizens.

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