Weirdest Animal Addictions – 6 Pictures

Even though addiction is a state of mind more frequently related to humans, it seems that some animals aren't spared of having this “problem”. Only, in animal cases, those addictions can be a bit weird.

1. Hamsters

Pet owners can be very happy when their pet shows an initiative for playing, exercising, etc. However, there are several cases of serious training among our small furry friends – hamsters. They adore running in their wheel and sometimes it seems they can't stop, and according to the experts the reason for it is high-energy food, or maybe in some cases – natural instinct.

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2. Rabbits

This is unbelievable! A rabbit in China was diagnosed with Korean soap operas addiction! Its owner were watching those soap operas and the rabbit was watching with them, from the beginning until the end of the episode, it didn't move. The rabbit was so in it, and following the plot, that it wanted to bite anyone who tried to disturb him or change the channel during the episode.

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3. Bees

We all know that bees love flowers, right? But, this may come as a surprise – a recent study has discovered that they like the flowers with pollen that contains caffeine best. The experiment that confirmed this showed that bees that collected pollen of “normal” flowers were more frequently exploring other sources, while those that collected pollen from “caffeine” flowers were constantly returning to those flowers. Well, this sounds like first in a row human-like addiction.

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4. Organgutan

Tori is a female orangutan who has the second most human-like addiction. In the beginning, she was asking zoo visitors to give her a cigarette, just to try and chew it, but later she just got used to it. In order to help her, zoo keepers transferred her to a safer place, which turned out to be great decision, especially after they found out that she was pregnant, so she had to quit smoking. Tori used every opportunity to show her dissatisfaction, but as the time went by, she returned to normal.

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5. Cats

Cats are certainly a special kind of animals and their behavior is never-ending inspiration for us. Among other things, cats love boxes and some owners also notices their cat's affection towards plastic bags. They can be addicted to playing with their toys in boxes, even sleeping and eating in them.

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6. Vervet monkeys

Vervet monkeys from the Caribbeans are sometimes addicted to alcohol. They got this very bad habit from the tourists, who should be forbidden to drink in areas with these monkeys. Monkeys saw tourists drinking cocktails, and they decided to try it, too. As a consequence, “attacks” on unattended bars started happening.

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