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All animals are beautiful, regardless of their size, color, and breed. But this fluffy animal raised the bar for cuteness very high. These are the world's fluffiest balls of fur.

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Pallas cat

These fur balls live in central Asia, they can be found from western Iran to western China. This cat prefers to live in cold and rocky steppes located at high altitudes. Pallas cats have the longest and most dense fur from all cats. Their fur is longest on their tail and belly and it keeps them warm in the cold weather. Thick heavy and dense coat make them look bigger than they really are, in fact, they are the same size like a domestic cat. It would be adorable to curl with one of them on a cold winter night and enjoy all that fluff.

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Angora rabbit

Even if you are not a fan of rabbits, this one will break your heart. The amount of puffiness that he possess is just unbelievable. Angora rabbits are originally from Turkey, they were popular pets with French royalty, and that's how the breed is spread around Europe. They are bred mainly because of their wool which is softer than cashmere. There are five breeds of Angora rabbit, French, Giant, Satin, German and English, which is kept as a pet because of his amazing fluffiness. They almost resemble a big fluffy toy which you can hug all day long.

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Fluffy cow

I thought that this is a new kind of cows, but it turned out that this is just a regular cow, with man-made hairdo to look fluffy. The point of this is cow shows, cows are being pampered to look their best in front of a judge. Making a cow look her best is not an easy job, it takes months of daily care to get a fully fluffed cow. I don't know if cows enjoy in this beauty treatments, but certainly, they placed them into the spotlight.

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King penguin chick

Fluffiness is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about penguins, they are born naked, and in a few days, they grow feathers. Their feathers are soft and very fluffy. They keep this fluffy appearance for one year until they reach adulthood. King penguins are adorable, but fluffy appearance suits them even better.

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Arctic fox

The arctic fox is also known as white fox, polar fox or snow fox. It is a small fox native to Arctic. To be prepared for extreme cold, this fox has amazing white fluffy fur that provides the best insulation for any mammal. Their fur is white in the winter so they can blend with the snow, and in the summer it becomes darker brown or grayish brown. No matter what color it is their fluffy fur is really soft and magnificent.

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His fluffy white fur place him in the category of fluffiest dogs in the world. They are double coated, the undercoat is soft and thick, and the longer hairs grow out of the outer coat. To maintain this perfect fluffiness, Samoyeds need to be groomed regularly. If you have one of these dogs, you know how challenging it can be. But in the end it is worth it, no one can be immune to the charms and fluff of this adorable dog.

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Chow Chow

Just like Samoyed, Chow Chow is also one big fluffy dog. Reddish Chow Chow is most common, but they can also be black, cream or brown. Besides their fluffy coat, they are most recognizable by their bluish tongue. Their coat is thick and requires daily care. This ball of fur is very loyal and protective dog. I think that we can agree that their fluffiness is adorable.

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Bichon Frise

Bichon is small size dog, and they are very popular breed. Some of their main characteristics are, of course, their cute look, amazing white fluffy fur, fact that they do not shed, and if you have allergies this is the dog for you. They are always white, black eyes and little black nose give them the appearance of a toy which you can't stop hugging.

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Norwegian Forest Cat

This amazing bread is national cat of Norway. They are large in comparison to other cats, and can weigh more than some small dogs. The grown male can weigh from 13 to 22 pounds. Honestly, this cat is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I can imagine cuddling with this fluffy giant, and listening to his purrs.

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Persian cat

This is a well-known breed of cat. Their trademarks are round face, round body and incredibly soft and white fur. Although the white Persian cats are the most famous, they can be gray, black and white. They are prone to shedding, and their fur requires daily grooming. Their great personality and adorable look ensure them the star status.

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Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat, and they are very popular breed in America. They can come in 75 different color combinations. Their long and multi-layer fur provides great protection from cold weather. It is not surprising that this bread is so lovable, they have dog's personality, and their fluff is magnificent.

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Himalayan Cat

They are considered to be large cats, and the amount of fur they have, makes them look even larger. They have round head and big round eyes. The Himalayan cat is very friendly and they are playful like kittens. Grooming is a must if you want to maintain perfect fluffiness.

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