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You finally decided to welcome a new pet into your family? Animal shelters provide a wide selection of rescued animals, not only cats and dogs, but also birds, rabbits and small animals like hamsters.In this article we will give you great reasons why adopting a pet is better than buying.

1. Adoption often costs less

When you are buying a pet from a pet store you can easily spend from 500$ to 1000$ or even more, and that is without vaccination and a microchip. Costs of adopting range from 50$ to 300$ and include the cost of vaccination, microchip, deworming treatment and neuter surgery. Also when you are adopting, you get guarantee that your future pet is in perfect health, something that you don't get when buying pet from the store.

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2. You can adopt pure breed pet

Many people think that only mix breeds end up in animal shelters, but more that 25% of dogs and cats are pure breed. Many of them are abandoned by theirs previous owners without any reason. And if you are determined to get a pure breed pet, you can adopt instead of buying.

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3. When adopting you get a choice of any age

Animal shelters provides great selection of pets any age, from puppies to grown up animals. Kittens and puppies are adorable, but they can be a handful. If you don't have time to train your pet, adult animal is a right choice for you. They are house trained, and sometimes they know basic commands like sit and stay.

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4. Mix breeds are more resilient than pure breeds

This is interesting fact, mix breed animals are likely to live longer, and they are less prone to diseases than pure breed animals. Dogs and cats who are pure breed have more chance to develop heart and breathing problems. In the long term, adoption of a mix breed will save you money, and minimize the chances of seeing your beloved pet sick.

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5. Adoption is the only way we can fight puppy mills

Puppy mills are breeding facilities that mass produce animals. In this places dogs and cats are kept in terrible conditions, their welfare is not important, they have only one purpose, profit. Animals from puppy mills are kept in small cages, and they tend to develop all kinds of diseases and behavioral changes because of the lack of socialization. They don't get any medical care, and when they are no longer able to mass produce puppies they are discarded or killed. People are not aware that when they are buying an animal in pet store they are giving money to puppy mills. By adopting your pet, you are certain that you are not funding puppy mills.

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6. You are getting a best friend

Animal shelters are full of happy and healthy animals just waiting to be adopted to a loving home. Most of them are left by their previous owners, but they still have so much love to give. Your adopted pet will be your best companion and friend, and he will always remember that you saved him and give him a chance to a new life. That kind of gratitude and devotion is not easy to find.

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7. Animals at shelters come in all shapes and sizes

You want small and fluffy dog that is already house trained or a puppy so you can train him yourself, big pure breed dog like Golden Retriever, or a Persian cat? There is a chance to adopt one. Visit the nearest animal shelter to see if you can get your best friend today.

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8. You are saving a life

The most important thing when you are adopting an animal is that you are giving him or her a new chance of life. Many animal shelters are overcrowded and some animals must be euthanized. Don't support puppy mills, adopt your pet and give him a chance to change your life like you changed his.

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