They Talk, They Sing, They Whistle and They Are Gorgeous – 10 Pictures

Parrots are the most common pet birds which is understandable considering their beauty and intelligence. There is around 400 parrot species in the world and most of them have breathtaking colors and are smart enough to learn to talk. Here are some of the most beautiful and smartest breeds.

Eclectus parrot – the great mimic

Eclectus feathers feel as if they have a fine fur and along with beautiful colors it makes them one of the most prized pets. It is interesting that male Eclectus are mostly green and have yellow beak while females are mostly red with a blue belly and a black beak so for a long time it was thought that they are different species. They are very intelligent and vocal and can have an extensive vocabulary. They might even sing entire songs and can mimic a lot of different sounds, not just human speech.

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