Pig Saves Its Owner After A Heart Attack

Jo Ann Altsman suffered a heart attack while vacationing in the north woods of Presque Isle, Pennsylvania, USA. LuLu, a housebroken Vietnamese Pot-Bellied pig came to Jo Ann's aid. LuLu took one look at Jo Ann and after 'crying' for a moment, she managed to push open the gate to get to a nearby road. Witnesses reported that LuLu would wait until a car approached, then calmly walk out into the road and lay down in front of the oncoming vehicle. When a driver failed to stop, LuLu would return to Jo Ann to check on her, and then leave again to try and summon help. After about forty-five minutes the determined pig finally managed to persuade a young motorist to stop and follow her to the Altsman's mobile home. The man telephoned the emergency services and paramedics quickly arrived.

Pig Saves Owner

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