4 Heartwarming Movies About Dogs Guaranteed to Make You Ugly-Cry

It is indeed true that dogs are man’s best friend. With their faithful, loyal, kind, gentle, and loving characteristics, who would not love them? People who have dogs have been searching for dog clothes and the best dog door for their beloved canine to show how much they love them.

One of the most natural things anyone can do to make a person cry their eyes and heart out is through dog movies. In fact, even the most unemotional person you know will undoubtedly tear up once they see films like this.

Whether you are a dog person or not, here are some of the best heartwarming dog movies to watch that will surely make you ugly-cry.

The Old Yeller

If you are looking for a tearjerker movie about dogs, then The Old Yeller is your best bet. This movie is known to be the grandfather of all sad movies, so get ready to cry your eyes out.

Plotted in the Post-Civil War in Texas, the film is all about a boy and a stray dog. Travis is left to take care of her family as his father goes to collect cattle in Kansas. While their father is away, Travis then works in the cornfield where he encounters a fat, lop-eared dog. After several attempts of driving the dog away, he then adopts the yellow Labrador mix and named him “Old Yeller.” A series of events that affect Travis’ life that led him to love Old Yeller until the end.

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