The Joys of Having a Cockatiel as a Pet

Monogamous lifestyle

One interesting fact about cockatiels is the fact that they mate for life. Because these pets thrive when they have a companion, it is imperative that you buy a pair and not just one bird. Having someone around when you are away at work is very good for these pets, especially given that they enjoy socializing so much.

Personality-wise, these pets can be very affectionate once they begin to trust you. This is why, at first, you have to be patient and to allow the pet to get to know you before you try to touch it. If you want to know what your pet is feeling, you can look at its crest feathers.

When the feathers are up, this means that the bird is either curious or startled. When the feathers are close to its head, the pet is stressed. If the feathers are held back and the pet grinds its beak, it is, most likely, relaxed.


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