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If it wasn't recorded, anyone would hardly believe – in a National Park in Uganda, a lioness adopted baby antelope, what totally confused the experts. Nature organized food chain in detail. However, sometimes even in the perfect system, errors occur, so the hunter and the prey become best friends.

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Employees of the National Park Queen Elizabeth in Uganda could not believe when they saw an incredible scene – a lioness who takes care of a baby antelope. The lioness had previously caught baby's mother, mutilated and ate her, and after that she adopted the baby antelope and started playing with it.

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Everybody was convinced that she'll eat the baby antelope too, but no, the lioness was totally protective towards the petrified baby and didn't allow anyone to approach. Then the lioness decided to move her new friend to a shelter, that seemed terrifying for all the watchers.

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According to the guard of the National Park, the lioness was taking care of the baby antelope during the whole night, when in the dawn guards decided to separate them. After that, little antelope was provided a special care and was taken to a safer place. So, everybody learned a lesson on how to defy nature's laws from this lioness and this strange happening.

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