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Some people have a special connection with animals. The bond they have with them is something special, the relationship that other people cannot understand or achieve. Sometimes, children are those who have been chosen at the moment of their birth to devote their time and love to the animals and get the same back. Now we are telling the story about a little girl whose parents call her a cat whisperer.

A newborn baby arrived

We don’t know her name and place where she was born, but we are aware something more important. From the moment this girl was born, she got an inseparable friend – a small kitten to grow up together with.

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Let me stay close

The kitten was also a baby when she came to the family, but she already made her choice. The kitten knew that the girl is going to be her best friend forever. This is why she was always somewhere around the baby. She was sleeping together with a baby and playing with her when she was awake. 

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Growing up together

And while these two girls were growing together, the difference became visible. The kitten became a beautiful cat, while a girl was still a cute baby. Now the cat can serve as a pillow, and she likes to be in the service. 

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Playing together

However, the time came that girl was a bit bigger and ready for adventures on the floor. The cat was her company all the time, showing her love through the games. The girl’s dad said that cat was so very connected to his daughter and he wasn’t able to explain the reason. 

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Still sleeping together

No matter that the cat is already an adult and the girl is a few years old, they look like they will never be separated. They still sleep together, although everything looks different now when both are a bit bigger.

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The position is not important

But, sometimes these cute friends do not pay attention to the position in which they will fall to sleep. Cat’s legs can be on a girl’s head, or the opposite. The most important thing is the bond that is from the day-to-day becoming stronger. The family cannot explain how the cat, which is sometimes running from other family members, likes to cuddle with this fascinating girl. 

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One cat was not enough

The parents tried to see what will happen with some other cats as well. Every cat that came to the house was in some way connected with this girl.  After they had done the experiment, they were finally sure that all cats love the girl and this is how they gave her a nickname Cat Whisperer. There is something in her voice and in her moves that attracts these mysterious animals

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She will never be alone

From the moment the girl was born, she never slept alone. Every minute she had a cat in her bed. She was whispering something close to their ears. Does she know some unique language? How is it possible that cats only love her so much?

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The parents were smart

The girl has smart parents. They felt this strange connection from the very beginning, and this is how they started to make photos. They wanted to document every stage of life their girl had together with cats, and this is how they were able to tell this beautiful story about their daughter. 

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The girl will always be special

No matter where the life takes this girl, she will always be special. Her relationship with cats will always be active. The love she can give and take is something that not many people have the possibility to feel. One is sure, it is always good to have someone to love you, and cats are perfect friends when they want to get close to someone.

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