Tiny Horse Thinks It’s A Dog

Beware of the Dog? Unless the horse’s name is Dog, we might be missing something here. Turns out, her name is Happy Moon, and she’s a equine with a few canine sensibilities. Shall we count the ways? # She’s prone to following her human family around the grounds. # She’s nosy and always wants to know what you’re up to. # She loves to put her head on people’s shoulders. # She whinnies when she hears someone coming her way, asking for them to “Come get me.” # She hops across the yard when she’s being silly.

tiny horse thinks it's a dog

Hold on — she hops, too? “She has a little bunny hop,” says owner Jackie Arnette. “I told her that I should’ve called her Bunny.” Well, for now, the 1-year-old “family member” is going to keep acting mostly like a dog. As for why her name is Happy Moon and not Bunny, it’s because of the quarter-moon marks she has on either hip. Arnette says, “I guess that’s why she’s so special!”

Source: http://www.peoplepets.com/

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