Do You Know Why They Do This? – 6 Pictures

People have lived with dogs for thousands of years. Experts say that wolves and dogs have a common ancestor, but the impact of humans on dogs for years has been so strong that dogs “forgot” about many traits and habits that they once had. However, some instinctive behaviors have been preserved until today. Owners sometimes wonder why dogs do some inexplicable things, but most of these mysteries would be solved, if we only took a little step back in dogs' history. These are the instincts from the wild that dogs have kept until today.

1. They go around a place before they lie down

There's a reason for this behavior. Dogs in the past did not sleep on comfortable beds and pillows, but outside in the wilderness full of predators. They made circles around the place they chose for a good night's sleep in order to drive away the bugs and dirt from the “bed”. It's a dog's way to make a sort of a nest.

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