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People have lived with dogs for thousands of years. Experts say that wolves and dogs have a common ancestor, but the impact of humans on dogs for years has been so strong that dogs “forgot” about many traits and habits that they once had. However, some instinctive behaviors have been preserved until today. Owners sometimes wonder why dogs do some inexplicable things, but most of these mysteries would be solved, if we only took a little step back in dogs' history. These are the instincts from the wild that dogs have kept until today.

1. They go around a place before they lie down

There's a reason for this behavior. Dogs in the past did not sleep on comfortable beds and pillows, but outside in the wilderness full of predators. They made circles around the place they chose for a good night's sleep in order to drive away the bugs and dirt from the “bed”. It's a dog's way to make a sort of a nest.

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2. Licking the owner's face

When a dog “gives us a kiss” we are overjoyed, but have you ever asked yourself how do they know that humans love being kissed. Dogs kiss for multiple reasons – firstly, it used to be a way of communicating with other animals. Secondly, in that way dogs show affection to their owners and other people they like. And finally, the next time a dog kisses you, have in mind that they only want to tell you they're there, close to you.

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3. Digging through the garbage, rolling in the dirt

How many times have you returned home to find an overturned trash bin, trash all over the place and your pet playfully wagging their tail and gnawing something s/he found in the trash? The answer to the question of why dogs love digging through garbage may lie in our common history. According to most experts, the dogs were domesticated by humans thousands of years ago, and as we've mentioned their distant ancestors were wolves. In winter the wolves were approaching populated areas and villages just looking for food. Dumped garbage, food scraps and bones were a real treat in the days when hunting “big time” wasn't very successful. It can be said that going through trash is etched into the genetic code of dogs. Excess food you throw is trash for you, but for dogs that is a fragrant, aromatic treat that must be tried. Some dogs see digging through garbage as a game – plastic bottles and paper rolls are great chewing toys from dogs' point of view. Kind of a different type of behavior that dog owners don't like either is rolling in the dirt, mud and feces. Well, try to understand that it doesn't stink for them and that they do it as a way of camouflaging their scents and hiding from enemies.

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4. “Burying” toys

Burying their valuables under the ground or bed is dogs' instinctive behavior. In the past, while they were living in the wild, dogs would bury their food, which was a left over from a meal and then they would get back to it later. Dogs today are burying toys, because they take them as their real treasure – at least those who don't have to worry about food. And don't think they will forget where they hid their stuff…

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5. Tail wagging

As well as licking, tail wagging is one of the ways of communication. Tail wagging is not always an indicator of happiness, as the majority of people may think. Dogs also wag their tails when they are scared. Some people say that dogs wag their tails to the right when they are happy and to the left when they're scared. 

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6. Sniffing the genital organs

This dogs' habit sometimes confuses us, and some find it very ugly and unpleasant when taking their dogs for a walk in the park. Do not get mad at your dog if s/he insists on sniffing another dog because just from smelling another dog, they can find out their age, sex, what they'd eaten and even their emotional state! Let them meet – scientists call this a “chemical introduction”.

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