This Guy Really Dances with Wolves – 11 pics

A former paratrooper imposed himself as the leader of a wolf pack in Germany. Werner Freund (79) is leading a group of 29 wolves. For 40 years, this former soldier is living among beasts in the park called Wolfspark in Germany. These amazing creatures that are naturally afraid of humans, perceive Werner as one of their own. In the pack there are various species of wolves – European, Siberian, Canadian, Arctic and Mongolian. At the feeding time, Werner is the first to eat and makes all the hungry wolves to go away from him, in order to keep the respect of the pack. Moreover, he allows them to eat the flesh together with him, they share a single piece of meat. That's the main reason why the wolves aren't attacking him, but the opposite, they consider him a friend. Werner founded shelter for wolves, which covers more than a thousand acres, back in 1972 and since then he has brought up more than 70 animals. Have you ever watched the movie called Dances with Wolves? I think this guy is really doing it.

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