A Dog or a Towel?

Take a fast guess then proceed below, is this really a dog or a towel?

dog or towel

Sure enough, this is a photograph of a dog, lying on a towel or some sort of linens. Awfully tired, the poor doggy has closed his eyes for the afternoon and must be taking a short cat-nap. Or… umm.. dog nap I guess you would call it. Notice how through years and years of evolution, this dog has learned how to blend in to his surroundings to be camouflaged from his predators – or nah, more likely just hidden enough to sneak away from the daily chores and take a well deserved nap. Makes you want to go get one of these little babies, doesn't it? Well, this type of dog is called a Shar-Pei, although they don't stay this cute and cuddly all their life! Nonetheless they still make amazing pets.

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