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Friendship is a beautiful thing and having loving friends by your side is often all that you need to be happy and satisfied. Friends are even more valuable during hard times in life, when their advice and compassion can help overcome all hardships life can throw at you. Sometimes, simply having a friend by your side can be enough, words are often not needed. That is exactly what happened in our story of a very unusual friendship. I know you never imagined you will see a rhino and a cat hanging out as best friends, but life tells weird and wonderful stories all the time, and the two heroes of our story found each other due to their sad circumstances. Their story shows that you should never abandon hope, no matter how hard it seems at the moment, because you never know when will you find someone that can make you feel happy again.

The story of Nandi

As we already mentioned, our story begins with a sad event. One of our protagonists, Nandi, lost her mother to poachers when she was only two months old. Nandi somehow managed to stay alive on her own, but that wouldn’t be the case for much longer. Thankfully, she was saved by wildlife rescuers and that is the beginning of her new life story.

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