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Birds that can fly are happy because they can see the world with different eyes. But what happens when the monkey wants to fly and is that really possible? When you really want something, the dreams become reality, as in the following story.

Macaw Parrots

Here on the picture you can see blue and gold macaw parrots. They all look very similar. All macaw parrots are pretty big, have strong beaks and beautiful colors. Their appearance is truly fascinating, with a golden-yellow color under the wings, while their upper part is covered with beautiful blue. But maybe not all are the same.

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Meet the Parrot

While this parrot does not stand out much from the frames which are typical for his kind, the truth is that he is still different. As we don’t know his name, we'll call him short and simple – The Parrot. Can you suggest how this parrot differs from others? You will see a bit later.

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Squirrel Monkeys

Like most monkeys, young squirrel monkeys enjoy life and let their mothers carry them on the back, even at the time when they are able to move. It's nice to be a child, even among monkeys. However, some habits are not forgotten so easily.

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Meet the Monkey

This little monkey is the main protagonist of our story, and he is quite curious. Since we do not even know his name, we can simply call him the Monkey. This squirrel monkey belongs to the new generation of monkeys, a very popular one, so people often keep them as pets.

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Enjoying the Company

Although enjoying the society of equal members is the most beautiful thing to experience, not all participants have the same wishes and potentials. From this society, our little friend Monkey will separate from friends because he wanted to change his place of residence and gain new companions.

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Let's Run Away From the Forest

In search of new adventures, this Monkey will rush through the forest which is probably a place already well-known and will run away from his home while following the unknown path. He is eager to see the world different from the one that was promised to him by birth. The forest will stay far behind him, and he will sail uncharted waters.

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Somewhere in Colombia

Very quickly the path of our main hero will cross with the trail through which the Parrot goes. Their first meeting took place in a hotel in San Agustin, Columbia, and that's the place that this great love and friendship started. Two completely different animals began to share space in which they lived, the food and everything else. However, this is only the beginning of an interesting story.

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Climbing on the Back

As he recently left the warm nest of the family, this young monkey remembered the time when his mother wore him on the back for a very long time. Whether because of nostalgia or pure stubbornness, he began to climb on the shoulders of this big and powerful parrot. The Monkey was careful and scared at first, so he looked around to check if everything is like it should be. Was this because he wanted to return the memories of the life he once had? Or maybe something completely different is the main reason?

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Let Me Hold You Tight

People who saw this monkey say that this cute animal doesn’t feel the sorrow for his home town. Why then he climbs on the back of other animals? Alejandro Jaramillo, a photographer who, thanks to his skills managed to capture the event, says that the reason is very clear. The monkey is just lazy and does not want to be alone while climbing up into the trees. He prefers to have an easy ride on the back of his friend. Although perhaps he was a little scared at first, after a few attempts this monkey learned how to hold very tight, enveloping arms around the neck of a parrot. People who live nearby and have the chance to watch such a scene often, say that it has never happened that the monkey falls from the back of a parrot. Sometimes the experience is invaluable.

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Here Is Our Flying Monkey

Flying has always been attractive to people, so why would not be the same with monkeys? With joint forces, they will climb on top of the tree. The monkey will climb up to the desired height of 26 feet and at the same time will not get tired at all. Sometimes, it really pays to be lazy. However, whether the monkey reached the desired height? Who knows, maybe in a next story the two of them will reach high enough to touch the stars.

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