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Hmmm, do animals sweat? Well, some of them yes, some other no. Manny mammals, including most primates, adjust body temperature by sweating, but only few of them does it like people or horses. The pigs actually have a small number of functional sweat glands, which is why they love to wallow in mud or water. Unlike the bear who has lots of sweat glands, the dog must cool themselves by panting because of the lack of glands, so the water (instead of sweat) evaporates from their body through the mouth and tongue. The cats sweat through their paws and cool themselves by licking, which also cleans them. The birds (as the dogs) also lack in sweat glands, so they also cool by panting, horripilation of feathers or cooling their legs and claws. The reptiles and insects don't have a need for sweating because, unlike mammals, they don't have to maintain a constant body temperature. Here's how they deal with the heat and sweating.

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