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Who said cats are flexible to adapt to different temperatures outside the house? They are more likely to enjoy their time somewhere hot and beautiful. If you want to make them happy, let them inside and help them find the best place where they can spend the biggest part of the day.

Stairways to Heaven

Even when stairs are in some part of the hall where it is a bit dark, cats enjoy using them. But, when the sun can reach some parts of these climbing helpers, cats will use them even more. Just look at those sweet kittens and older ladies on the different parts of steps. It looks very cute when you can see them all at one place, as they follow the sun shines which come from the outside.

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Beside the Window

When the stairs are not good enough, the window is a perfect place where your cat can have magnificent time. Of course, try moving the curtains, as your cat would like to be as close as possible to the glass which is collecting the warmth. Don't you think this is one happy cat? Although the view is not the best, she doesn't care about that.

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Window – Did We Speak About This Place?

Maybe, you can close the door and windows of your house, but your cat will always stay close to you. Even when they are outside, they like to choose the position from which they can look inside. There is no doubt, the best choice is to stay close to the window, even on the other side of the glass.

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Waiting for the Sun

Some cats used to wake up before the sun comes up in the sky. They know where is the best place to wait for it and somehow are trying to send greetings to our biggest star that shares a lot of warmth with all of us. As soon as the sun is here, your cat will start to scratch the window and try to call the sun inside the room.

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The House Lamp

When there is no more sun, and the dark comes into our homes, some cats know how to improve the situation. Even the desk lamp will be enough to collect some warmth, so do not be surprised if you see your lovely pet standing in front of a small lamp, with their head directly placed in the direction of the light. However, don't expect to see them looking around, in such moments eyes should be closed.

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More Efficient Lamps

Some lights are more useful than others, as they have a bottom part which emits heat. This cat found the best place to take a nap. She has a heating treatment from two sides, one from down and the other one from the upper side. Simply, there is no place like home, so let your pet enjoy in every second.

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My Favorite Laptop

OK, we all can say this picture is a bit familiar one in the world where cats rule. They just love bothering you while you are working, but as soon as you move to the side, they will totally take over your laptop and use it for their needs. There is a simple explanation for this – even if your cooler is working perfectly, your laptop will be a hot and beautiful place where your pet can enjoy a free time.

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Perfect Combination

Furthermore, some cats like to take all they can from this world. The mix of sun and hot home appliances might be only one of the possible solutions. There is nothing more beautiful than having the sun on your face and the safe ground below your feet. The kitchen is the best place for every kitten.

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Small and Unprotected

While kittens are still little and need to have a lot of love and protection, they are looking for the source or heating. Warm radiators are just like made for taking your small pets between fins. It is good there are many fins, as this is the only way how all those kittens can fit. Will they fall asleep?

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The Big One

Maybe, one radiator is enough to ensure the safety for a great number of small kittens, but the truth is that only one fat cat can fit on it. Well, we have to admit this animal doesn't have a comfortable bed, but she still feels wonderful while the warmth is coming up. Are you ready to believe now that cats enjoy hot places?

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Sharing the Carpet

A patchwork and a heater are all these cute cats need to have. Even if they like to be naughty, they are also ready to cooperate when they need to get warm. They look like a pack of sardines in a can, because they are trying to get closer. Well, the patchwork is not broad enough to allow them to spread out and fully enjoy the moment.

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The King of Warmness

From this position, can you say if this strong cat male is a king of warmth, or we can give this title to the heater? Well, we think the cat will be the winner. Just look at this fantastic posing and beautiful surroundings, and you might be able to feel the atmosphere in the room. There is nothing more valuable for cats than warmth; we can all be sure about that.

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