Should You Be Feeding Your Dog A Holistic Diet?

Dog owners can never overestimate just how much they love and value their pets. The unconditional love of a dog can change the life of any owner for the better. So, it makes sense that you want to give your dog the best of everything, including the right food.

Cheaply priced dog food is packed full of low-quality ingredients and fillers. And, although these cheaper food options will give your dog a minimum of nutrition, that’s just not enough for most dog owners.

Choosing what to feed your dog is as important as choosing your own diet. Healthy choices that include whole foods and the proper nutrients will feed your dog but keep them healthy for longer.

Holistic dog food formulas contain balanced, natural ingredients that are chosen with purpose. Each ingredient is meant to heighten the overall health of your dog. Let’s take a look at a few reasons that you should be feeding your dog a holistic diet.

Skin & Coat Health

Holistic foods are packed full of healthy Omega-3s and fish oils that are excellent for maintaining skin and coat health. By properly hydrating the skin through nutrition, you will see a big difference in how your dog looks. Most dogs will transform into luscious looking beasts with shiny coats and a limited amount of shedding over time.

Hydrated skin means less dandruff and dry spots that can be annoying and even painful for your dog. Hot spots and itchiness can be greatly reduced by switching to a holistic diet.

Heart Health

Dog foods that have a lot of fillers also tend to be high in fat content. Just like their owners, dogs that gain too much weight can experience heart issues that can lead to serious problems. Holistic foods use leaner, high protein meats in their formulas to improve your dog’s heart health.

Digestive Health

Holistic dog foods contain a series of probiotics that can help to regulate your dog’s digestive system. It can eliminate your dog’s issues with diarrhea and constipation by helping to clean out the intestinal tract. The other advantage is that holistic dog foods contain fewer fillers, which equals fewer bowel movements for your dog and fewer trips outside for owners.

Eye Health

If you notice that your dog’s eyes look a bit listless and glossed over, it could mean that they are not getting the right nutrition. Holistic foods contain antioxidant ingredients that can help maintain your dog’s eye health and reduce the risk of problems like cataracts.

Increased Energy

Dog foods that contain fillers take a lot of time and energy to digest. Holistic dog foods are designed to be easily broken down in the system requiring less energy to process. The excess energy can then be used for more important things like running and playing at the dog park. Once you make the switch to a holistic diet for your dog, you will quickly notice a change to their lethargic tendencies.

Dogs are an important part of your family. It’s vital to pay attention to the quality of food that you are providing for them. You are working on their behalf to preserve their health and their life. Switching to a holistic diet can help your dog improve their overall health, improve their fur and skin, and give them a renewed energy to bound through life.

Author: Kelly Reed

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