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It is a very competitive world out there and next to survival the biggest challenge for some animal species is finding a mate. One of ultimate goals of animal world is passing your genes to the next generation and for that goal many are prepared to go to extreme lengths, like risking their life. Some animals on this list are ready to go that far, but most of them are just masters of seduction and can even teach humans a couple of tricks.

Bowerbird – the greatest decorator

Bowerbird males are more colorful and beautiful than females, as it is often the case with many bird species, but that alone is not enough to win the heart of a female. To impress their potential mate, male bowerbirds must show some amazing building and decorating skills. They build structures from sticks that look a lot like towers and decorate them with shiny, colorful objects, whichever they can find. If the female likes his bower the male then must perform a spectacular dance in order to seal the deal. It is a long lasting and difficult seduction, but also really extraordinary. Gentlemen, watch and learn.

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Pufferfish – drawings in the sea

For a long time origin of ornate circles found on the sea bottom on the coast of Japan confused scientist and ordinary men alike, but now we know that those sand drawings are actually love letters. One species of pufferfish use their drawing skills to attract females and it takes them a week or more to do so. They draw by flapping their fins on ocean floor, creating amazing and beautiful circular patterns as a result. Even though these pufferfish are not bigger than 12 centimeters (5 inches) they create formations of around 2 meters (7 feet) in diameter. They even collect fine sediments to give their drawings a unique look and coloring and in this case the best artist gets the girl.

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Hooded seal – who doesn’t love balloons?

Hooded seals give blowing your nose a totally new dimension and none the less a romantic one. Female seals are attracted to some unusual and weird display of nasal balloons, so the males are competing to blow the biggest one. Males demonstrate manliness to available females by inflating a pink ‘hood’ which is actually a nasal balloonthat emerges from one of the seal’s nostrils and looks like it sits atop of his head. It looks a lot like blowing up a bubblegum. But if two males have similar size balloons, they will have to resort to fighting In order to attract the female.

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Red-capped manakin – perfected Moonwalk

There is a reason that the red-capped manakin has a nickname “Moonwalking bird”. Its dance skills are no worse than Michael Jacksons, although we still have to see them dancing to Billy Jean before we can call them kings of pop. This bird is not bigger than a sparrow and when the time comes for males to find a mate, they gather on leks (courtship assemblies) to perform their dance moves to female judges. The best dancer will get to mate and other will have to go to more dancing classes.

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Adelie penguins – rocks are forever

Diamonds are girl’s best friend, but if you are a female adelie penguin then you don’t really see the difference between diamonds and rocks. Gift giving is very usual in the animal world, but it mostly involves food. However, male adelie penguins give slightly different gifts to their ladies – rocks. These species that live along the Antarctic coast collect little rare rocks that they use as a present to their females. The female then use this rocks to build their nest and they chose their partner by the looks of those rocks, so those males that gather the prettiest rocks have better chances of having offspring. To make the matters more interesting and fun, the courtship ritual of adelie penguins also involves some vocal displays.

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Hippos – the smell of poop is the smell of love

Guys, do not try this with your crush. It may work for hippos but I don’t think it will work for you. When a male hippo is in a mood for some love he tries to impress the female in a very strange way. He first makes sure that the female is watching and then he starts pooping everywhere, spinning his tail during the process so the smell goes in her direction. Some may argue that hippos shouldn’t be on this list, but if you get the girl by pooping all around her, then you truly are a master of seduction.

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Sage grouse – chest blowing is a seduction technique

Male grouse (as well as some other birds) gather on leks (breeding grounds) for a showmanship of their manhood. They do so by tailing their feathers in a similar way to peacocks and by blowing up their chest. Doing this helps them to attract a female. This courtship dance helps more dominant sage grouse males find their wandering partner and pass their genes to the new generation.

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Panama frogs – a serenade never fails

What is a better way get attention than showing off your singing abilities? Panama frogs attract females by letting out a unique mating call that seems like a series of whines and “chuck” sounds. But this is a dangerous activity since it also attracts predators and competition. Females choose those males who have the loudest voice, so this risk is well worth taking.

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Peacock spiders – life threatening seduction

Who ever thought that such a tiny insect can exhibit such a grand performances. Male peacock spiders woo their ladies by performing a magnificent dance. In addition to his dance moves, his beautiful tail is as colorful as peacocks, hence the name. However, this mating ritual is a matter of life and death for this small guy, because if he fails to impress his partner she will kill and eat him. Talk about the thin line between love and hate.

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