Weirder Than Usual – 10 Pets You Might Want

Not exactly saying I’m sick of dogs and cats, when they’re evergreen in the animal world. Then again, what if the future pet owner wants something out of the box? Solutions have to be provided for even the most eccentric person out there. Luckily, we live in the very, very developed world of fauna, so start to be astonished by the ravishing choice of unusual pets!


Even though you probably don’t find mice and rats cute, rodents can make great pets actually.And what’s better than the largest of them all, South American native one? Let’s discuss the legal points of view. You have to know that they’re not legitimate to keep in most states of USA, so you should opt to figure out that one first. Second, they need space, so keeping them indoors is not really a good idea, as your vintage carpet and tapestry may become torn out all of a sudden (after all, they’re rodents, so don’t be star-struck with the fact). What’s more, they’re in desperate need of their companions, so caring about a sole capybara would be tough work. Nonetheless, their babies are still so cute!

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Although not that unusual for pet owners, most of the avoiding adopting a hedgehog due to the obvious prickliness. Also, they may be hard to keep because of their mood swings (so you thought your close ones have mood swings? Think again..) as they tend to curl into a prickly ball when nervous, so take your precious time when trying to cheer them up. Simply, think of them as a sensible partner that doesn’t want to let you go.

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Now that's a truly exotic and…daring choice, to put it nicely. Yes, you’re right, they are venomous, but can become tamed with great care. As being more and more popular choice among the curious ones, more is becoming known about the species itself. Did you know that there is nearly 1000 species of tarantulas? Some of them do have venomous bites, but some of them possess the venom equivalent to the one bees produce (although that one is ominous to allergic people, so be careful and know what you’re allergic to!). Luckily, various species are being favored as pets, so their keepers are able to create a community that provides a safe feeling for newbie tarantula owners!

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Pygmy Goat

Besides being ultimately cute and tiny, they could prove very useful as an aid in lactation for young mothers who run out of milk, as goat’s milk is a perfect substitute for mother’s milk according to the necessary nutrients. As an interesting fact, the alternative name of a Pygmy Goat is Nigerian Dwarf, referring to their tiny bodies. It’s relatively easy to maintain, as it doesn’t need a lot of food. A Pygmy Goat is a good choice for small children, as it won’t jump on them like bigger goats, and provides milk like mentioned above. To add up, if safety is your first concern, always choose a female one, as males can get quite dangerous with horns.

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A skunk doesn’t have to be stinky. Actually, the Glands that cause the defense mechanism stench are usually removed when a skunk is four weeks old! Being really, really emotionally intelligent and curious beings, they are able to take after the owner in terms of personality, so no rough tough playing with them, or they will become aggressive over time. Eating almost anything, it’s pretty hard to keep them fit. Also, regular vaccination is a must!

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Ah, the sole thinking of a sloth face makes me calm and tranquil, as they look like they don’t care about anything and have no stress (that’s what we all need, right?). They are extremely hard to feel like home on land, as they tend to be on trees all the time. As their natural habitat is a rainforest, they require really warm and humid spaces, which isn’t really comfortable for anyone. When it comes to the diet, supermarket food isn’t recommended, as the sloth is used to foods that are really high in fiber content, native to the rainforest.

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To add up, we chose another exotic rodent, we chose a chinchilla. Emphasizing they’re low maintenance, these creatures are the definition of cuteness overload with their warm, soft and really dense fur (hence a lot of furs are made out of breed chinchillas, unfortunately). Like skunks, they request to be treated with utmost care, as they are able to bite if somehow squeezed too tight. And treat them as your child, as they could also grow aggressive

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Fennec ​fox

Coming straight from the dessert, play your litter box up a little bit and your little exotic fennec fox could feel like home. Actually, they are pretty easy to train to use a litter box. Some owners say that they are the golden middle of a dog and a cat, and according to them they are outgoing as a dog that is cat sized. Weird? Listen to this. Their large ears (actually their trademark, standing like a contrast to their tiny body) are anatomically designed to cool themselves in the desert heat, and to sense their prey better. Surely, they are exotic enough, even too much for some people.

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Boa constrictor

Well, our list would not be weirdly completed without a snake, would it? The fearless ones, please continue reading. First, be aware of the enormous size it could get to. To be exact, the maximum could reach 25 kilos. Their always present strength has to be respected, since they are able to really injure a person, objectively speaking, although they are quite docile most of the times. Getting larger and larger by time, have in mind that when they reach a certain length, it is strongly advised for them to be given to a zoo, as they would need several people to handle them (no longer pet size, surely).

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Stick insect

And an insect for the end. You will first need a terrarium, and the best option is to customize it. Feel free to add leaves and greens for your stick insect to feel like home! Or better to say to look like home, because they are camouflage MVP’s, and evolution made them to exactly look like branches, leaves and grass. They eat leaves, but they are very picky at it, since every species has its own preferred green leaf. Also, don’t forget regular cleaning for their terrarium, since they produce droppings, which don’t actually get smelly, but are able to attract fungi.

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