Masters of Seduction – Weirdest Courtship Rituals – 9 Videos

It is a very competitive world out there and next to survival the biggest challenge for some animal species is finding a mate. One of ultimate goals of animal world is passing your genes to the next generation and for that goal many are prepared to go to extreme lengths, like risking their life. Some animals on this list are ready to go that far, but most of them are just masters of seduction and can even teach humans a couple of tricks.

Bowerbird – the greatest decorator

Bowerbird males are more colorful and beautiful than females, as it is often the case with many bird species, but that alone is not enough to win the heart of a female. To impress their potential mate, male bowerbirds must show some amazing building and decorating skills. They build structures from sticks that look a lot like towers and decorate them with shiny, colorful objects, whichever they can find. If the female likes his bower the male then must perform a spectacular dance in order to seal the deal. It is a long lasting and difficult seduction, but also really extraordinary. Gentlemen, watch and learn.

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