These Spiky Little Guys Are Actually Pretty Amazing – 10 Pictures

These cute animals live all around the world: in Asia, Europe, Africa and both North and South America. No natural habitat is alien to them, since they are very adaptive. Forests, deserts, rocks or even snowy areas: you name it! But nevertheless, since they are nocturnal animals – meaning that they only search for food at night – humans don’t get to see them very often. That is why we give you these fun facts about the porcupine, accompanied with some incredibly cute and funny pictures.

1. Porcupines are the third largest rodents in the world!

Of course, not all of them are as big as the one in the picture. That is one belongs to the family of the biggest porcupines of the world: Crested porcupine. It can weigh between 13 and 27 kilograms! Apparently it is so big that it’s quills can scare a leopard off. Which brings us to the second fascinating fact…

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