Moonpie Lives with 12 Dogs and Their Life Is Amazing – 10 Pictures

You might think that cow is not the best option as your future pet. Keeping a big animal inside your home is hard. But, have you ever thought about keeping a small calf that has injuries and health problems just for some time? Would you be ready to devote your time and love if that would make him feel well? Some generous people tried doing that, as they wanted to help the animal to get better and stronger after hard days on the farm. 

Meet Moonpie

We would like to introduce you Moonpie, the cutest calf on the Internet. The first time she met a dog playing in the backyard, she thought how that might be a good example of her future behavior. Is it wrong for a cow to believe she is a dog?

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  1. Looking for Moonpie the dachshund i came across the calf. This has made me so grateful to find more people like me, who would take all animals inside the house


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