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One British woman calls her dog a Guardian Angel rightfully, because her dog Penny helped her to detect breast cancer on time, so it can be that dogs can smell cancer… Sharon went to a doctor because her dog was sniffing her breast during months, just the exact place where the aggressive tumor grew. This 43-year-old was then immediately subjected to chemotherapy, and is soon to be operated. Sharon said that Penny was sniffing her for weeks, and whenever she sat in her lap, she was touching her breasts with her paw like trying to pull something. After one night, when Penny laid on Sharon's breasts, she woke up in terrible pain and decided to visit her doctor. German researchers discovered that specially trained dogs can detect cancer in 71 percent of patients last year. It is believed that cancer produces chemicals including low concentrations of alkanes and aromatic ingredients that dogs can smell. However, there is little evidence that domestic dogs who are not trained can detect tumors in their owners.

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