Fish in the Sleeping Bag – 13 pics

Parrot-fish, a native of tropical and subtropical seas, sleeps in the sleeping bag every night. In fact, it sleeps in a kind of a mucus bag. Some fish sleep turned on the side, leaning on the rocks, sometimes they look for a temporary shelter – shoved into a stone crevice or a rally in the soft mud. But, here, you'll see the fish in the sleeping bag of its own production. They will make their sleeping bags in about an hour, and dismantle it for the same time in the morning. The benefit of this bag is, however, undeniable. Gelatinous or mucus bags, in fact, retain the smell of parrot-fish and thereby protect them from predators, such as moran. During the day, the parrot-fish feeds by using its strong “parrot” beak to remove organisms from rocks and corals.

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