Joyous Life Moments of Three Happy Musketeers – 12 Pictures

1. Hello, I'm Mac and this is my happy little family!

Hello friends! I'm Mac, this is my twin brother Harley and our sister Charlie and we are three happy musketeers on the picture. What are we so happy about? First of all, because we live in a great family full of love. We are a big family in which everyone takes care of all the others – our aunt is dedicated to our delicious meals, as if they were made in the finest restaurant. But she also takes care of cleanliness of the house and our beds and bowls, she always combs our hair and I think she loves it. She's really busy, but we're trying to help her as much as we can, we eat above our bowls, so food doesn’t fall on the floor.

Dad is also taking a really good care of us, but a bit more differently than our aunt, so both of them have their roles. He usually takes us for a walk. Sometimes we’re taking long walks on the beach, enjoying the sun, wind, sometimes raindrops and snowflakes too, watching the horizon. What a joy! Dad usually writes something down. He says it's a diary, not like Harley's logbook, but a diary of our family. Sometimes, he writes poems about us, life or other living creatures… He's so romantic! And honest. We always listen to what he says – when he says that the playing is over and we that have to go home, we do that. That’s because we love him so much. And we love our aunt, of course! 🙂

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