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Hi buddies. Yes, I'm Gemma. I'm a coyote. (Edit: Now you can visit me on my Facebook page: Gemma The Lovable Coyote) At the beginning, I would like to thank, on behalf of all animals, all the wonderful and noble people who are in any positive way interested in us. Thank you, because without the help of people, many animals are no longer able to fight life's difficulties.

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When I was a little baby good people found me and saved me – my new family, my new pack. I am infinitely grateful that they kept me and raised me. It was rather difficult for them, because they did not know much about my kind – people are people, and coyotes are coyote​s. 🙂 But they worked so hard with me and loved me that I, however, grew up into the real, big coyote​.

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Mom and Dad say a cute coyote, the sweetest in the world, but, well, it's theirs to tell about their baby. Yes, when I was young I was their baby too – my parents fed me with milk on a bottle. It was wonderful to be tucked in, in their warm arms.

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We, the coyote​s, belong to the family of dogs. That probably explains my great getting on with the dogs from my pack. Except we eat from the same bowl, we are truly inseparable friends. Our playing takes a long time and these are real, exciting adventures. Anyway, wolf and jackal both belong to the same family of Canidae and the genus Canis beside us, the coyotes and domestic dogs. Surely you have already found a lot of similarities between us? Except for dogs, we are all wild animals, but, if you meet me, you will see that we are not as dangerous as others, as we are considered sometimes. We can also be great friends of people. 🙂

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In addition, it is true that we like eating meat. Well, people eat it, don’t they? But the coyotes do not eat only meat, but also various plants, any fruit and vegetables and we just adore strawberries, carrots & corn on the cob! Many farmers are chasing us because they think we're killing their cattle. But that's not true! Coyotes feed on wildlife, especially rabbits, rodents, fish, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, birds, and some reindeer sometimes, when we are really hungry…

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I think they should actually be grateful to us for protecting their crops from these small sweet attackers. The only coyotes’ enemies are gray wolf, cougars and, unfortunately, men. Humans aside, cougars and gray wolves are the coyote's only serious enemies. But, I leave people to decide whether to love and protect us or not. I was very fortunate to live today among those who love me and understand me.

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There is more than one species of us, the coyotes. We inhabit the entire North America, except those parts that are covered with snow and ice all year round. It's too cold for us! But the other parts from north Alaska to Nicaragua are our habitat. Depending on the habitat there are differences in size, color of fur and nutrition among us. Coyotes from the north are chubbier and have a darker fur color than those from the south. Okay, I could say that the coyotes from the south are thinner than those from the north. No hard feelings! 🙂

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The name was given to us by the Aztecs, natives of the American continent. They respected us very much and they called us a “dog that barks” because we are very loud. Those who love us say that without us the wilderness of Western America would not be the same – they love our sounds that occasionally disturbs (cosmic) silence. Unfortunately, those who came to the US are not really in favor of coyotes – they prefer and respect the wolf. I don't know why. Maybe it's a marketing trick? But, here, I will try to make you change your opinion if yours is a hostile one…

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See how sweet and cuddly I am! And sociable! Here, I’m just expecting some friends, I love when we all gather, socialize, joke and enjoy. I’m also expecting Lily the fox, who is my great friend, and mama duck with her little ones, and the family of roe deer, and I’m always happy to see the dogs Molly and Princess, as well as Sheagwa the cat. All of my friends, like me, enjoy nature, that’s why I’m expecting them so impatiently at the party I organize in our garden with beautiful vegetable sandwiches and a delicious fruit salad. Although our game may seem like a fight to somebody, we are actually playing that way. You've seen how small dogs are sometimes biting each other and rolling over – that's it, biting and rolling are cool! 🙂

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Although we coyotes and other dogs consider biting each other as a part of the game, I think we're a little wrongly blamed for biting people throughout North America. In fact, hybrids created by accident or intentionally by crossing of coyote​s and wolves pose a danger to humans, not coyote​s. Okay, maybe we sometimes chase a cyclist, because we just love racing and competitions, or we warn a spoiled child and a rude man, but I really think we're not that bad “bad guys”.

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My favorite day out, besides walking with friends through the forest and deep shade, is watching TV. I love to see a good movie, even those old black and white hits that have long entered the history of cinema. Especially, I love movies with animals and action. But sometimes I do not wait for the end of the movie, but I fall asleep easily, after an exciting day.

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Still, the sweetest sleep is in Daddy's lap. Dad and I doze off in his big armchair which is big enough for the two of us. We hug, daddy scratches my back a little, and he does it great, best in the world, and we quickly fall asleep. My dad is my hero. He resembles Davy Crockett when he puts his favorite hat on his head.

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He loves many more things, for example, motorcycles, especially his own motorcycle! He works around it every day! He takes me for a ride sometimes. Same as my daddy, I love the speed and the wind in my hair. We're really enjoying it! But Dad loves animals more, I think he loves me the most! His friends even call him Coyote Grems. He even sounds like a coyote, when he calls me to lunch!

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Dear friends, I hope that I have helped you find out a little bit more about the life of us, the coyotes. To my parents it would mean a lot if you shared your experiences, if you have them, in raising the coyote, because I am already a grown-up, as you can see. My human parents found me when I was 2-3 days old, and now I’m three months old. For my further quality life, every friendly advice would mean a lot. I thank you in advance in the name of my whole family, who always wishes me the best and who I adore more than anything in the world! Thank you all! 🙂

P.S. I'm going to bite you a bit, as a sign of gratitude! You won’t get angry, I guess. Kiss!

Your Gemma Grems

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Author: Katarina

Image sources: All images and videos we got from a fun of our FB page Animal's Look, Matt (Coyote) Grems.

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