Battle Between Fish and Eagle – 8 pics + video

The eagle was so hungry that he bit a little too much: he underestimated the size of the fish he chose to hunt, and because of his lunch and had to swim. Hungry bird didn't dip just “feet” into the water but he fairly took a bath while catching the lunch. However, the eagle is true of a swimmer, and hatchlings of these birds sometimes first learn to swim and then to fly. However, this bathing  is not an every-day sight: the bird in the video is trying to beat the fish that is too heavy. Finally he came up with a solution: he swam to shore with fish in his beak, where he will be able to control it and eat it in peace. Authors of this video are cheering for the hungry eagle all the time and making comments about his failures. Take a look and see how the battle ended.

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