The Giant 6ft Cow – 4 pics

A nine year old cow in Great Britain has its height of about six feet six inches. The cow named Chilli weighs more than one ton. His massive body just resembles to an elephant of some years. The cow is being hoped to have his name written into the Guinness Book of Records. And the measurements of his size are being carried out to give an accurate conclusion. It is widely believed that Chilli is bigger and taller than any kinds of cows in England. In terms of the size, Chilli surpasses all his mates in a sanctuary of Somerset. He looks like the oldest brother of the whole animal family here.

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Giant Cow

Despite having a normal eating habit like any other cow, Chilli has been becoming bigger and taller day by day. The growth of the tiny cow of more than 9 years ago was much more rapid than his friends. However, he has got a proportionate ratio among his parts of his body. When taking a view of Chilli from the distance, you will certainly be shocked and somehow frightened by his height. In reality, Chilli is very obedient and peaceful. He is really a great cow.

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Giant Cow

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Giant Cow

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Giant Cow

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