How to Steal and Still Stay Cute and Lovely – 10 Pictures

Imagine someone coming into your house at night trying to rob you. You would get pretty mad, right? But who can get mad at a sweet and adorable little rascal like a raccoon is? I know I couldn’t. Just check out these pictures and tell me you wouldn’t want to hug this cunning gangster.

Hello, I am your cat

Raccoons are probably the cutest thieves you will ever have a chance to meet. They live in large numbers around and in heavy populated areas and have no problem breaking into your house if you have something they could eat. They will sneak in through your chimney, vent or any other hole in your house they can find. And if you catch them, they put on a cute face and pretend nothing happened. A truly cunning plan.

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Are you gonna eat that?

Raccoons will often come to human houses in search for food, so don’t be surprised if you are greeted by this mask-wearing thief when you go to throw your garbage. Or check if your cat needs more food. Or when you go to take something fresh from your garden. They can get anywhere because they will eat anything. Fruit, eggs, insects, grapes, nuts, you name it. Raccoons are true omnivores and anything edible they can find in your backyard is good enough for them.

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You need help with those laces?

Raccoons have hands that are so nimble that can help them open doors or trash cans. They use these hands in a way similar to humans and can open a cage or untie your shoelaces. They are not famous thieves for nothing since they can even rob you from any change in your pockets, even as small as dimes.

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Yeah, I live here. Got a problem?

Raccoons are pretty adaptable and have no problem surviving in urban environments. Some might even say they thrive in those conditions. They prefer wooded territory close to water. They nest in tree hollows and underground dens but don’t be surprised if you find one making a home in abandoned car or your chimney. They can even live in sewers.

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You think your dog is smart? Ha ha!

Raccoons are really smart animals. In fact, scientists have concluded that they are smarter than dogs and cats. They even can to some extent compete with monkeys. Raccoons possess ideas that are tied to complex forms of mental associations, something that was believed that non-human animals do not possess.It was also believed that they wash their food before they eat it, but this was proven to be a myth.

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Yes, I have many names

Raccoons are indigenous to North America and English word for them comes from Algonquin Indian word “arakunin” which means “one who scratches with his hands”.In Spanish, the word for raccoon is mapache which means “one who takes everything in its hands” or even “a thief of everything”. There are any names for this rascal in other languages and most of them mean “washing bear”, coming from that known misconception that raccoons wash food before eating.

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Don’t worry sir, I like your cat

Many people worry that raccoons might hurt their pets like dogs and cats. This might happen in some extreme situations, but it won’t happen often. Actually, your dog is more likely to attack raccoon than other way around. As far as cats are concerned, they will usually just ignore the raccoon’s presence and vice versa. However, sometimes these animals might even be very friendly to each other.

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Human, I am your pet now!

If you ever wondered could you keep raccoon as a pet, the answer varies from state to state. It is legal to keep raccoons as pets in 29 out of 50 USA states and if you also might need a permit if you live in one of them since each state has its own laws regarding raccoons.

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Domesticated? Hardly.

If you ever do decide you want a pet raccoon, there are some things you should be aware of. They seem happy in human company when they are young but as they mature they might become destructive or aggressive. They also like to steal and hide things and get into trouble. I guess it’s just in their nature. That’s why you might think of getting some kind of crate or enclosure to keep your raccoon while away because they are not to be trusted on the loose.

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Come, give me a hug.

Having a raccoon pet also has its benefits. They are so fluffy and soft it is always a pleasure hugging them. Also, some people like hanging out with bad boys and these guys can be very mischievous. They can also get along great with any other pets you might have, but that doesn’t mean they won’t steal their food. That’s just the coon way of life.

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