Disregarded Intelligence of These 9 Animals

In this article we'll pay attention to those smart animals who's intellect is largely disregarded. So, we'll skip chimps who are so evolved that there have been reports that one chimp, after being reintroduced to the wilderness, made a spear and started fishing with it. We'll also skip other well known smart animals like dolphins, dogs, cats and so on.

Pigs are more intelligent than both cats and dogs. They are also known as the most intelligent domesticated animals. Their brainpower is estimated to be on a level of a three-year-old child.

1. Pigs

disregarded intelligence of these 9 animals 2

Best example of crow's intelligence is happening all around you (if you live in a city). They would often pick a hazelnut from a tree and then place it on the street. Then, they would patiently wait for traffic light to change color and the chosen street to empty so they can fly down and collect their hazelnut which have been opened up by car tires. Scarily smart?

2. Crows

disregarded intelligence of these 9 animals 3

Octopus earned its place on this list by being able to camouflage without any natural technique. They are known to snuggle under the layer of mud and wait for their prey, choosing the perfect time to strike. Their decision making skills are unparalleled in underwater world.

3. Octopuses

disregarded intelligence of these 9 animals 5

Scientists who studied squirrels were pretty amazed by their findings. They concluded that squirrel will gather its food in a pretty secretive place and then scout it for days using some pretty interesting techniques, even luring potential thieves out of their hiding with “accidentally” dropped nuts.

4. Squirrels

disregarded intelligence of these 9 animals 4

Owl was always one of the symbols for wisdom. Its sheer level of intelligence was obviously shown on a video on National Geographic channel, where they filmed the owl diverting small stream of water into the hole that mouse was hiding in and practically flushing him out.

5. Owls

disregarded intelligence of these 9 animals 10

These rodents never ceased to amaze scientists around the world. Their cunning approach to problem solving is the thing that still keeps them at the center of scientists attention. Be it escaping the labyrinth, running through an obstacle course or any other task at hand, they always find a new and improved way of getting things done.

6. Rodents

disregarded intelligence of these 9 animals 7

Falcons are among the smartest birds. For centuries now they have been trained for all sorts of missions. From hunting to delivering urgent messages. Amazing thing about them is that they are able to recognize man they haven't seen for few years.

7. Falcons

disregarded intelligence of these 9 animals 9

Raccoons, mostly seen as dirty little thieves are actually pretty smart. With fully developed fingers, they are able to complete multitude of tasks that other animals would find impossible. Some really smart raccoons were even filmed by security cameras while they were opening simple locks on gates and while they were scouting humans to learn their daily routines.

8. Raccoons

disregarded intelligence of these 9 animals 8

It was believed for quite some time that brain size had everything to do with intelligence and thus no one actually paid any attention to how smart insects actually are. Ants were among the insects that opened a whole new fields of research. With sensors that can detect several signals for communication (like position of the sun, elevation of terrain and such) they keep baffling scientists by their ingenuity

9. Ants

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